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Who got Tom Cruise's Christmas cake this year?

Kudos to all of you for making it to yet another Tom Cruise Coconut Cake Day! It's possible that you, 

an average internet user, are unaware of the responsibilities of such an honor, but it's never too late to find out. For years, 

a few of us have been following this dessert. It's an exciting but demanding task.Each year, 

Cruise takes a vacation from his daring stunts like leaping out of airplanes to send a highly sought-after white chocolate coconut ,

bundt cake to his numerous celebrity acquaintances, colleagues, and possibly even some adversaries. 

The cake is from Doan's Bakery, and if you want to spend more than $125 on a cake, they do ship.  

Who isn't? Previous recipients of the cake include Jimmy Fallon, Michael Bay, and Tom Hanks. 

It appears like being banned in Hollywood is not as bad as getting deprived of the Cake Receiver title, as happened to Brooke Shields. 

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