Top 10 Cleanest and Most Beautiful Countries in the World. New York FrontLine

10. Austria   is a very clean place, it is a good way to eliminate pollution and insects.

9. Colombia   has to face water and air pollution and is considered at number 9 in cleanliness.

8. Cuba  is a very clean place and the water here is also very clean.

7. France is at 7th place in cleanliness, the environment here is very clean and it is a very beautiful sight to see.

6. Mauritius Now people can breathe freely in Mauritius, the quality of the climate here has become quite good.

5. Norway is a nation of astonishing wealth, built on vast offshore reserves of oil and natural gas.

4. Sweden is famous for its clean water and cleanliness in the country.

3. Costa Rica is a Most Beautiful country in the world, That's why it has been placed at 3rd place.

2. Switzerland was placed at number 2 for cleanliness, it is a very clean and beautiful country.

1. Iceland The air of Iceland is very clean in which we can breathe freely and hence it is considered the number one country in cleanliness.

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