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The Most Expensive Red Carpet Mistakes Ever

From time to time, even the most gorgeous superstars we love make blunders with their red carpet appearances. The media picks up on these poor fashion decisions fast, and to be honest, you have to wonder what the stylists were thinking.  

The cost of these embarrassing outfit choices is much higher than the cost of simply showing up to McDonald's in sweats. These celebrities who made the cut for the "Worst Dressed" list spent thousands of dollars on ornate gowns that were promptly dismantled by the press. 

Event: Academy Awards (94th) Year: Estimated 2022.  Price: $15,000.* 

Jada Pinkett Smith

Event: The Academy Awards, 73rd Year: Most likely 2001. Expense: $1,000* 


Grammy Awards event Year: 2015 Approximate Price: $12,000* 


95th Academy Awards event Year: Estimated 2023. Expense: $10,000* 

Florence Pugh

Event: Oscars Party at Vanity Fair  Year: 2023 Estimated Cost: $5,500* 

Halle Berry

Event: Academy Awards (92nd) 2020, approximately.  Expense:* $10,000–$20,000    

Kristen Wiig

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