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The Poorest Towns in America

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Camden, New Jersey

Known for high poverty rates, unemployment, and ongoing economic struggles affecting its residents.

Mississippi Delta towns (e.g., Cleveland, Indianola)

Grappling with poverty, limited job opportunities, and infrastructure challenges despite agricultural roots.

Appalachian towns (e.g., parts of Kentucky and West Virginia)

Faced with poverty resulting from the decline of industries like coal mining, leading to economic distress.

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota

Characterized by poverty, lack of access to resources, and socioeconomic challenges among its Native American population.

East St. Louis, Illinois

Struggles with high poverty rates, unemployment, and social issues, despite its proximity to a major metropolitan area.

Gary, Indiana

Once a thriving industrial city, now faces economic decline, poverty, and population loss after the collapse of its steel industry.

Hazard, Kentucky

Impacted by economic downturns in the coal mining industry, contributing to poverty and job losses in the region.

Detroit, Michigan (specific neighborhoods)

Some neighborhoods face persistent poverty, unemployment, and urban blight despite revitalization efforts in other parts of the city.

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