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Step Inside Neetu Kapoor's Lavish Rs 17 Crore 5 BHK Home​

May 22, 2023

Bhawna Arya

Five bedrooms!

Neetu Kapoor's new apartment comes with five bedrooms, which are well-furnished and spacious.

Credit: Instagram

Modular Kitchen

Neetu Kapoor's stylish home has a modular kitchen with all the cooking equipment.

Credit: Instagram

Dining area

Neetu Kapoor's new house features a stunning dining room that exudes royalty. It has a neutral theme and subtle textures.​

Credit: Instagram

Spacious deck

Neetu's new home has a spacious deck that can be the perfect relaxing spot for the actress. ​

Credit: Instagram

Comfy TV room

The flat has a TV room, for all those movie nights with family. It features a massive cupboard with shelves and drawers along with a huge TV cabinet.​

Credit: Instagram

Spacious living room

Apart from all this, the flat has a spacious living room with beautiful interiors.​

Credit: Instagram

Featuring ceiling-to-floor glass windows, the living area provides ample space.

Credit: Instagram

Intricate wooden work!

The flat has intricate wooden work and stylish interiors to die for!

Credit: Instagram

Pool area

​Neetu has access to a gigantic indoor pool with temperature control options. ​

Credit: Instagram

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