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Inexpensive Christmas Tree Alternatives That Won't Take Away the Joy in Your Home

The Christmas season is well underway, and we can't wait to fully deck our house. The more glitter and sparkle, the better during the holidays. This is not the season for austerity or minimalism. But how should you decorate smaller rooms and homes that don't have enough space for a classic tree? For those of us who find it difficult to fit a tree into our living room, the majority of Christmas decoration ideas center around the tree.  

Thankfully, there are plenty of other ways to add holiday spirit regardless of the available area, and interior designers are urging people to defy convention this year and try something different. Check out these six expert-approved Christmas tree substitutes to try this holiday season, whether you're short on space or simply want to change up your decor. 

"Arrange festive stockings and a collection of holiday candles or lanterns on the mantel to create a warm and inviting atmosphere." It will look so festive that you won't even consider wanting a Christmas tree. Alternatively, opt for a more conventional option such as a lit garland adorned with pinecones and holly sprigs. 

vignettes are so adaptable, you can build them anywhere you have available space and to any size you choose. Though think about side tables and kitchen shelves as well, they can make a terrific centerpiece for a table. 

For a rustic and natural alternative to a Christmas tree, gather some branches or twigs, arrange them in a vase or other container, and hang ornaments, lights, and decorations on the branches. This is a great way to showcase your decorations and make a statement piece that can be customized to fit your room and style.  

This year, wreaths are not just for the front door; they are everywhere. There are numerous other locations for wreaths that will revitalize the décor in your house right away. This year, both interior designers and our editors are loving this trend, and we believe it's the ideal choice for small living room décor. 

If you're still in the mood for a "tree," you could think of doing something like to a DIY project or purchasing a flat tree substitute for a wall. Mariya suggests hanging string lights in the shape of a tree on an empty wall. "You can help guide the shape by adding small adhesive hooks." 

Artem advises "decorating windows or doorways by hanging decorations that will save space and offer a way to let in festive feelings." "You can turn an everyday item, like a ladder, into a Christmas specialty with lights and tinsel." 

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