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Ranking the next five-year windows for each NFL team

Patrick Mahomes, the young prodigious quarterback often touted as the future GOAT (Greatest of All Time) in the NFL, 

stands as a cornerstone for the Kansas City Chiefs, injecting an electrifying energy into the team's gameplay. 

At 26, Mahomes has swiftly ascended to the upper echelons of football, showcasing prowess that belies his age and promising a lasting legacy in the league. 

Guided by the veteran coaching genius, Andy Reid, the Chiefs have experienced a meteoric rise, marked by a series of significant successes 

However, amid the highs and lows, the constants have been the presence of Mahomes and the reliable tight end Travis Kelce. 

Throughout his tenure, Mahomes has witnessed a whirlwind of changes within the Chiefs' roster.  

Notably, the resilience of the squad despite these transformations stands as a testament to the team's adaptability. 

Amidst the shifts, the constant chemistry between Mahomes and Kelce has been a pillar of stability, symbolizing trust, reliability, and exceptional teamwork. 

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