Olivia Rodrigo's "Bad Idea Right?" is a playful, intimate pop song.

Chicago rapper Noname tackles global issues in her third album, "Sundial," addressing complacency and military propaganda, highlighting the complexity of careers.

"Adore U" features electronic synths, electronic beats, and Nigerian-British singer Obongjayar's praise.

Miguel creates enigma in "Number 9," blending antiphonal choirs and Lil Yachty's lyrics.

Kelsea Ballerini's "How Do I Do This" explores awkward dating experiences and self-discovery.

Jill Medford's "Sucker" single features an infectious hook, evoking infatuation.

Canadian dream-pop duo Faith Healer's "I'm a Dog" features Jessica Jalbert confessing animal instincts in a serene voice.

Ora Cogan revisits Celtic song "Katie Cruel," reflecting scorned beauty and changing tunes with band.

Rachel Brown, half of Water From Your Eyes, records solo EP "Loop," a waltz with obsessive, unequal romance.