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Olivia Dunne's incredible, illogical backflip

Gymnast Olivia Dunne impresses with her latest Instagram story, showcasing incredible mid-air flips during bar work practice. 

LSU star Olivia Dunne wows fans with jaw-dropping gymnastic moves in a recent Instagram post, hinting at her rigorous training for the upcoming season. 

Olivia Dunne, the gymnastics sensation, returns to training after a challenging year of injuries, sharing a mesmerizing Instagram story of her flawless flips and landings. 

'Livi' from LSU stuns followers with her gymnastic prowess in a recent Instagram update, bouncing back from a season marred by injuries. 

LSU's Olivia Dunne captivates fans with her Instagram story featuring gravity-defying flips during intense bar work practice. 

Gymnast Olivia Dunne is back in action, sharing a captivating Instagram story of her training session, showcasing incredible mid-air flips. 

LSU's 'Livi' makes a strong comeback, posting a mind-blowing Instagram story of her gymnastics training, leaving fans in awe of her skills. 

Olivia Dunne, determined to bounce back from last year's setbacks, treats fans to a spectacular Instagram story, flaunting her impeccable flips and landings during bar work. 

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