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Nail Polish Chemistry and Components

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Base Ingredients



Solvents (e.g., ethyl acetate)

Base Ingredients

Nitrocellulose: Forms the film that provides the polish its hardness and shine.

Resins: Improve adhesion and durability.

Solvents (e.g., ethyl acetate): Maintain a liquid state, evaporating upon application to leave the colored film.


Pigments and Dyes: Provide the desired color and effects.

Functional Additives


UV Absorbers


Functional Additives

Plasticizers: Enhance flexibility and prevent cracking.

UV Absorbers: Protect against color fading or changes due to UV exposure.

Thickeners: Regulate viscosity for smooth application and even coating.

Performance Aspects

Viscosity Control

Drying Time

Durability and Gloss

Performance Aspects

Viscosity: Controlled to ensure ease of application without running or clumping.

Drying Time: Balancing the solvent evaporation for quick drying yet allowing time for application.

Durability and Gloss: Achieved through the right combination of ingredients and their proportions.

Innovation  Development

Constant exploration for safer, eco-friendly ingredients.

Advancements in textures, finishes, and long-lasting formulas.

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