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Ms. Marvel Star Shares Her Exclusive Dreams of a Tom Holland Spider-Man Crossover

After Dar-Benn's defeat and Monica's sacrifice, Kamala decides to form a team of young Avengers, starting with Kate Bishop. 

Ms. Marvel is recruiting younger heroes like Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang, and potentially more mysterious candidates for a new team. 

Iman Vellani, who plays Ms. Marvel, hints at a Young Avengers tease in The Marvels and expresses a desire to team up with Tom Holland's Spider-Man. 

Vellani remains tight-lipped about specific recruits but suggests that fans can probably guess the right names, given the limited number of young characters in the MCU. 

Vellani expresses enthusiasm for a team-up with Tom Holland's Spider-Man, citing their enjoyable dynamic in the comics. 

When discussing potential Nova characters, Vellani reveals a preference for Sam Alexander over Richard Rider but doesn't rule out the idea of having both. 

Vellani expresses love for characters like Sam Alexander and Miles Morales, leaning towards the Champions comics and suggesting they might influence Kamala's team dynamics. 

Vellani laughs off the idea of Kamala's team being called the Champions instead of the Young Avengers, acknowledging her personal preference but unsure how fans would respond. 

The article highlights the anticipated on-screen dynamic between Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man, anticipating their eventual meeting in the MCU. 

The article speculates on potential members of Kamala's team, including Ironheart, America Chavez, Wiccan, and others, with a mention of Vision Quest introducing Vision's daughter, Viv. 

The piece raises questions about when the Young Avengers team-up might occur, given the actors' aging, and suggests possible alterations to Marvel Studios' plans, possibly related to Kang Dynasty or Avengers: Secret Wars. 

1. The article concludes with the hope that the Young Avengers can assemble before Avengers: Secret Wars, considering the challenges and delays behind the scenes.

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