"Heart of Stone" tries to build a spy franchise but lacks charisma and action.

Gadot portrays Rachel Stone, a MI6 baby agent, who becomes a lethal operative for the Charter, a secret spy network.

Stone's Charter contacts include boss and tech expert, factoring probabilities.

MI6 team, led by Parker, infiltrates MI6 communications after hacker Alia Bhatt infiltrates.

Heart of Stone takes unexpected twist, involving spy vs. spy game, pitstops, and punishment.

"Heart of Stone" uses Gadot's likability but lacks distinctive elements.

Netflix's Gadot's "Red Notice" offers playfulness, humor, but lacks compelling bites.

Gadot's "Heart of Stone" lacks backstory and distinguishes Stone from other spies.

The movie feels like a jumbled piece, with parts feeling out of place and the heart in the right place.