Gal Gadot stars in Netflix espionage thriller.

"Heart of Stone" is an action thriller featuring Gal Gadot as Rachel Stone, a MI6 hacker, ensnaring an arms dealer.

Stone, a double agent for secret intelligence agency Charter, gains guidance from Heart's tech guru to transform into an all-seeing superhero.

The Heart of Stone features computer-generated analyses, with Schweighöfer scrutinizing data and attempting to control it. The movie's computer shenanigans are more interesting than the spy thrills.

Rachel uses computerless abilities to control the Heart's predictive powers, influenced by Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible franchise, with flat set pieces and ludicrous stunts.

Cruise's "Mission: Impossible" adversary is an omnipotent algorithm, eroding cinema's sanctity; Netflix's "Heart of Stone" portrays heroes as computer-powered forces for good.