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Exploring Venice Through Blackpink's Lisa's Eyes

May 21, 2023

Shreya Kachroo

Lisa in Venice

Blackpink star Lisa was recently in Venice for a high-fashion BVLGARI event. Of course, the singer had to make the most of her time in the beautiful city and explore its every corner!

Credit: Instagram

Explorer Lisa

The streets of Venice are every tourist's biggest obsession. So of course, we don't blame Lisa for her giddy look, because SAME!

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Hit the spots

Who would miss out on the chance to hit Venice's most famous eateries and bakeries? Not Lisa for sure!

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Gelato is a must

Is a trip to Italy even complete without some good old gelato?

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Touristy stuff

The Venice architecture deserves your appreciation and here's proof! Lisa definitely had quite a packed itinerary.

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When in Venice

From food to the beautiful structure, Venice seems to be full of places and sights that would leave you in awe.

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The star of the show

Gondolas are a prime tourist attraction in Venice, so, it goes without saying that Lisa would never miss a chance to explore the city on the ride.

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Blackpink's Lisa is definitely making us want to take the next flight to Venice!

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