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Does Biden Truly Ought to Run Again? He carries on a clumsy discussion.

Democrats' concerns about the president's reelection campaign have been dismissed by him and his staff.

However, the issue of party welfare has received fresh scrutiny this week due to his actions.

If President Biden makes a mistake, he can defuse the situation by explaining it away, which will protect his political career in the long run.

Like, "No one ever doubts I mean what I say," he says all the time. He concedes that "sometimes I say all that I mean" is the root of the issue.

Mr. Biden made it clear to contributors near Boston on Tuesday night that he would not be running for president if former president Donald J. Trump wasn't attempting to regain the office.

The president's re-election campaign has become a referendum on his predecessor due to his dwindling approval ratings,

nd this incident served as a reminder that the next eleven months could bring two candidates that the majority of Americans do not desire.

Mr. Biden quickly recanted the statement. Approaching reporters upon his return to the White House, he vowed to remain in the race regardless of whether Mr. Trump withdrew.

Next up was Wednesday.

While reporters yelled questions at Mr. Biden, he stepped away from the podium after pleading with lawmakers to approve a multibillion-dollar aid package for Ukraine.

Among them, the question of whether any other Democrat could unseat Mr. Trump caught his eye.

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