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Beyoncé, Taylor Swift may have shifted the movie paradigm

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The presence of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift in films might have caused a shift in the movie industry's norms and expectations.

This year witnessed the "Barbenheimer" phenomenon with simultaneous successful releases of "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" in July, sparking considerable discussion.

Chicago Tribune's Michael Phillips highlights the remarkable success of Taylor Swift and Beyoncé's concert films, praising their impact on the big screen.

"Beyoncé and Taylor Swift bypassed traditional studios, exclusively partnering with AMC Theaters, streamlining profits directly for the artists with their movies."

"Hollywood might worry about this trend. It worked well for these big-name concert films, but its success for other genres remains uncertain."

"Swift's summer tour hit $1 billion in revenue, with fans set to relive the concert in theaters soon."

The film industry, as we know it, was excluded from the deal, reducing profits for the artists showcased in these films.

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift's impact on movie culture might have prompted a reevaluation, making Hollywood uneasy about shifting paradigms.

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