– Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone has made controversial comments suggesting that referees and the VAR system always favour Real Madrid over his team.

– Simeone made the comments after Atletico Madrid's 1-0 defeat to Real Madrid in the first leg of their Copa del Rey semifinal matchup.

– Simeone cited several incidents from the match, including a possible penalty call for Atletico Madrid and a potential red card for Real Madrid, as evidence of biased officiating.

– The comments are likely to draw criticism from Real Madrid fans and some soccer analysts, who may see them as sour grapes from a losing manager.

– However, Simeone is known for his passionate and sometimes confrontational style, and his comments may be seen as a way to fire up his team and rally supporters.

– The article notes that there is often controversy and debate over refereeing decisions in soccer, and that some teams and managers may feel that they are unfairly treated by officials.

– The article also points out that Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are two of the biggest and most successful teams in Spanish soccer, and that their intense rivalry often leads to contentious and high-stakes matches.