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7 Unconventional Animals Kept as Pets

Hedgehogs: Hedgehogs are small, nocturnal mammals that have gained popularity as pets due to their adorable appearance.

Fennec Foxes: Fennec foxes are small desert foxes native to North Africa. They are characterized by their large ears and playful nature.

Sugar Gliders: Sugar gliders are small, arboreal marsupials that are native to Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia.

Axolotls: Axolotls are unique aquatic creatures that belong to the salamander family. They are neotenic, meaning they retain their aquatic juvenile features throughout their lives.

Tarantulas: Some people keep tarantulas, which are large, hairy spiders, as exotic pets. Tarantulas are relatively low-maintenance and come in various species and colors.

Praying Mantis: Praying mantises are carnivorous insects known for their distinctive posture and predatory behavior.

Micro Pigs: Micro pigs, also known as teacup pigs, are miniature pig breeds that are selectively bred to be smaller in size.

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