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7 Men's Trendiest Haircuts and Styles: Formal to STYLISH

Classic Taper Fade: The taper fade offers a clean and timeless look that transitions seamlessly from formal to stylish settings.

Pompadour: The pompadour combines sophistication with style, making it versatile for formal events and fashionable outings.

Textured Quiff: A textured quiff adds a touch of rebellion to a formal outfit and can be effortlessly restyled for a stylish everyday look.

Slicked-Back Undercut: The slicked-back undercut is a statement style that exudes confidence and works well for formal occasions or a night out.

Side Part Hairstyle: A classic side part is both elegant and trendy, making it suitable for formal dress codes and modern fashion.

Short Messy Haircut: A short messy haircut offers a carefree yet stylish appearance that can be dressed up or down.

Beard and Short Hair Combo: Pairing a well-groomed beard with short hair adds rugged sophistication, suitable for various settings.

Bangs in a Medium Layered Haircut

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