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7 Best Men's Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Classic Pompadour:– The pompadour is a timeless style with a neat, slicked-back top and short sides. Thick hair holds the height and shape well.

Undercut:– An undercut involves shaving the sides and back while leaving the top long.

Textured Crop:A textured crop features shorter sides and a textured, choppy top. It's a low-maintenance option that works well with thick hair.

Quiff: The quiff is a versatile hairstyle that combines volume on top with shorter sides. Thick hair provides the necessary volume for this look.

Crew Cut:– A classic crew cut involves uniform short length all around. It's a clean and timeless choice for men with thick hair.

Messy Tapered Cut: This style combines short sides with a slightly longer top that can be tousled for a messy and relaxed appearance.

Medium-Length Waves:– Allow your thick hair to flow naturally with medium-length waves. This style exudes a laid-back and rugged charm.

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