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7 Adorable dog breeds that adore cuddling

Pomeranians: These fluffy little balls of joy are known for their love of cuddling with their owners.

Bichon Frises: With their curly fur and cheerful disposition, Bichon Frises make excellent cuddle companions.

Dachshunds: Despite their small size, Dachshunds are big on cuddling and love being close to their owners.

Beagles: These curious hounds may have a nose for adventure, but they also have a heart for cuddles.

Shih Tzus: Known for their sweet temperament, Shih Tzus are happy to spend hours snuggled in your lap.

Labrador Retrievers: Labradors are not just great for outdoor activities; they also cherish indoor cuddle sessions.

Cocker Spaniels: These gentle dogs are eager to please and adore curling up with their humans.

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