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6 Gorgeous Roses In California

Charles Darwin

The Charles Darwin rose is a fragrant, large yellow blooming shrub that grows well in partial shade in Northern California.

Polka Rose

Polka rose is a climbing rose that can grow up to 12 feet tall and produces large blooms ranging from soft pink to apricot, making it ideal for fences or trellises in Northern California.

Lasting Love

Lasting Love is a red hybrid tea rose with large, long-lasting blooms ideal for cut flowers.

Peace Rose

Peace roses have stunning, full blooms that fade from yellowish-white to pastel pink, but require careful pruning and pest control.

Gold Medal

The Gold Medal rose is a grandiflora that produces large yellow blooms, perfect for Southern California gardens with proper care.

Darcey Rose

The Darcey Rose, a hardy English shrub rose, produces large crimson-pink blooms that are popular as cut flowers.

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