There’s one mechanic that Daigo Umehara wants added to Street Fighter 6

BST|Daigo Umehara recently talked about the idea of adding a certain mechanic to Street Fighter 6. Those that are familiar with Daigo’s all-time favorite fighting game mechanic might already know where this is going.

“It’s been two months since the launch of Street Fighter 6,” began a viewer in Daigo’s stream chat. “Do you still feel the same way about the mechanics?”

“Yeah, generally speaking, I feel the same way,” responded Daigo. “If I could ask for one thing…”

“Right now, throw is the only way to end a round,” continued Daigo. “The game doesn’t have any other option than to finish with throw. And that’s a wasted opportunity.”

Eventually, Daigo would directly say what it was he was alluding to. “So I’m thinking of something like Guard Crush.”

Essentially, Daigo is noting that it can be difficult sometimes to open up opponents one last time during a round once their on their last legs. While Drive Impact against a well isn’t an uncommon option to finish an opponent off, it’s noted that an opponent with one bar of super gauge using Modern controls can easily react to this sort of thing, even while in Burnout.

Check out the video below to hear everything Daigo had to say on the subject courtesy of FGC Translated:

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