Over the years, I have tried so many hair removal tools on different parts of my body, but consistency has always been a big issue for me. I feel like we have all gone through the ‘no peach fuzz’ and epilating to our hearts content in our younger years but this is my first experience of hair removal where I have had unbelievable results after a two month trial. In comes the Sensilight Pro.

The Sensilight Pro is a straight forward, cordless and simple design for on the go hair removal with a £379 asking price. I wanted to find a hair removal tool which I could use before summer to try and get as much of the hairs gone, and to then continue using it for touch ups too.

What I didn’t realise was, just how much hair would be gone after a two month stint. I have blonde hair but I do get quite thick coarse hairs so I was apprehensive about it’s staying power.

It has obviously not removed all of the hair but it seems a lot less nevertheless, which is much more than I initially thought I could achieve with the device. I am shaving a lot less and using a lot less products in doing so- so it’s been a win win since I started the trial.

As the brand states, “Say goodbye to tricky shaving, messy waxing and painful exfoliating with Sensica’s Sensilight PRO, a clinically-proven personal-use device that gives you permanent hair reduction on your face and body.” It is only supposed to reduce the hair, which thankfully diminishes all of the unfortunate disillusions of people expecting hair free results.

Sensilight Pro can e used on larger and smaller parts of the body Image: (Boots)

There are so many reasons why a hair tool may not work for certain people. This can be down to hair type, skin type, and growth cycle but as I have found, if you want shinier, clearer looking legs in the glistening sun this summer, perseverance is key using the Sensica’s Hair Removal tool.

For those worried about the sensation it is merely even a sting. It’s almost just a warming feeling on the surface of the skin and it can seem hotter the more times you zap the same area.

I think a huge selling point for this kind of hair removal is the energy level feature, which basically helps find the best setting for your skin. With built in sensors that the device only works on suitable skin tones so you can feel less anxious using for the first time.

Sensilight Pro with RPL™ Technology For Permanent Hair Reduction – Bronze (£375)

This next-generation of permanent hair reduction offers a range of innovative benefits to ensure you always get a safe, personalized and professional treatments and it has an unlimited amount of flashes to last you a lifetime of hair reduction treatments. Keep going for longer with up to 600 flashes between charges – an outstanding feature unmatched by any other device on the market.

The Sensilight PRO uses highly-effective Reactive Pulsed Light, technology, that is based on IPL, which is the same technology used by professionals. RPL is a combination of IPL and a unique skin tone and contact sensor that reacts to your skin tone and condition.

The device offers two treatment options also for peace of mind when using on different body parts. The 4.5cm2 window is suitable for use on large areas of the body, such as legs and arms. For small areas, like the upper lip, chin, and jawline, a 2cm2 wide precision tip attachment with an integrated UV filter has been specially designed to deliver gentle and precise treatment.

I have been using the device on my bikini line between waxes and legs between shaving, and there are definitely a couple of hair free patches I have noticed in the last two months. It’s been a real eye opening journey, because let’s face it, none of us actually believe that the hair will completely disappear.

Have a look at some of Sensica’s other award winning tools here at Boots– including hair removal, anti-ageing, cleansing and exfoliating.

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