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The black African, the wretched of the earth, is the only member of the human race who’s been brainwashed to think his ancestors bequeathed him with a curse that has prevented him from attaining life’s goals that he aspires to.

Almost every misfortune he encounters on earth is somehow interpreted as the fault of some ancestors who must be “bound and cast out” of his life with the “fire of the holy ghost in the name of Jesus”.

The white people know better than entertain beliefs that tell them their ancestors were terrible people that must be hated, NO! It is only the black ancestors who must be hated. Over the years, the black ancestors have been so vilified by Pentecostal Christians that they pay tithes, fast and stay up all night praying, to destroy ancestral curses in the name of Jesus.

The black ancestor is so wicked he cursed his own kids, he is so hated that even his religion has been abandoned and considered evil. Having cursed, denounced and hated his ancestors who gave him life in the name of breaking ancestral curses, the black man is roaming around the world like a tortoise without a shell. He has no backbone, he’s got zero identity, having dropped the religion of his forbears for that of the Arabs and Jews, having adopted foreign languages or culture. Thus, no race respects him. He is lynched in Malaysia, incarcerated in Cambodia, in the streets of America he barks like a dog, and in Europe he wipes the white man’s ass while they spit on him. Why won’t they? A man who hates himself and despises his roots deserves no respect whatsoever.

John Hocking was a foremost English slave trader, a thief, and by contemporary moral standards he can as well be called a terrorist. John Hocking made three trips to west Africa in the 1560s and stole Africans that he sold to the Spanish in America. On returning to England after his first trip, his profits were so handsome that Queen Elizabeth I became interested in directly participating in his next venture. For that purpose, the Queen provided him a ship named “Jesus”! Hocking left with Jesus to steal some more Africans, and he returned to England with such dividends that Queen Elizabeth I made him a knight. Hocking chose as his coat of arms the representation of an African in chains.

Today, the generations of Hocking and Queen Elizabeth I are alive and enjoying life from the proceeds of the actions of their evil ancestors. Not for ones will you ever hear them demonizing their ancestors despite their active involvement in the greatest evil humanity has ever witnessed. Both the Queen and Hocking sanctioned rape, kidnapping and mass murder. But where have you ever seen their offspring bearing imaginary ancestral curses like black Africans?

You’d be hard-pressed to see a member of the British elite publicly denounce slavery. Isn’t it time for black Africans to emancipate themselves from mental slavery? If there is really any such thing as ancestral curses, who should suffer from them? The ancestor who kidnapped, raped, pillage innocent communities, stole and enslaved his fellow man or the one whose freedom was taken from him? Surely the man who threw pregnant African slave women to sharks at sea because they were too weak deserves his future generations to bear ancestral curses and not the man whose society was so pure he had no prisons to punish lawbreakers, someone who is a victim himself.

I doubt if any of these people going to various churches today binding and casting ancestral curses know that almost all the top British politicians from the 17th to 19th centuries were proud slave merchants as their brothers were missionaries?

It is on record that 15 Lord Mayors of London, 25 Sheriffs, 38 noble men of the of London were shareholders on the Royal African Company (RAC) between 1660 to 1690. The RAC alone was responsible for trafficking over 1.5 million black Africans to Britain and twice that number to the Caribbean.

David and Alexander Barclays were active participants in the kidnapping and enslavement of millions of black Africans. As was standard practice of the time, the risky and long-term nature of the transatlantic slave trade required new banking houses that could offer credit to prospective slave traders, for periods of between one and a half to three years.

One bank that provided this service was owned by Alexander and David Barclays who’s bank still carries their name today. The Barclays banks is also a proud sponsor of the English Premier league, something I am sure today’s black African fanatic fans of Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U do not know. Their kids don’t bind and cast ancestral evil or curses, rather it is Africans whose ancestors were dehumanized, tortured, killed and enslaved that keep binding and praying against ancestral curses.

The bank of England was also involved in the sale trade and one of its directors for 48 years, Sir Richard Neave, was also the chairman of the Society of West Indians Merchants, a group of vile men who stole Africans and made profits by selling them to farmers who needed them to work in their sugar and tobacco plantations in the west indies.

Today, Liverpool Football Club will be playing Tottenham FC in the Barclays Premier League, how many Liverpool fans and supporters today know that the initial funders of that football club were retried slave traders who, in 1892, with slavery outlawed, decided to invest their money in a football club that will reap future rewards for their generations to come via banks such as Heywood & Sons & Company? That bank would be absorbed in turn by the bank of Liverpool, Martins banks and Barclays banks.

Black African fans watch these premier leagues and shout in ecstasy when they score, afterwards a pastor somewhere will tell them the reason they are poor is because their ancestors committed evil hence the reason, they experience ill-luck. Then they will start binding and casting what isn’t there.

Just so you know, the city of Liverpool was a major port for the transatlantic slave trade. Slave ships were often built or repaired in Liverpool. Nearly one and a half Africans were forcibly transported across the Atlantic in Liverpool ships. The Liverpool Merchant was the first recorded slave ship to sail from Liverpool. She set sail on October 3rd, 1699, and arrived in Barbados on September 18th, 1700, with a cargo of 220 enslaved Africans. Part owner, Sir Thomas Johnson, is known today as the fonder of modern Liverpool. Today, countless black Africans, after casting the curse of their forefathers, will travel to Liverpool and praise God for the “works” of Gpd in the city, and pray God to bless the soul of Sir Johnson.

Liverpool city would not be what it is today without the trade in black Africans. The personal and community wealth gained from slavery cemented the foundation for Liverpool’s future economic growth. The children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of perpetrators of this monstrosity against the black race enjoys heaven on earth today and live in a more stable environment. They have managed to stabilize their society, solved most of their problems and live in relative peace.

But the ancestors of the black man, the wretched of the earth, the one who is kidnapped, and his freedom forcefully taken from him, and sentenced to a plantation for the rest of his life, is the same one who is demonized as having bequeathed his offerings with curses that must be broken.

All societies select what they want to remember, but it is only black Africans who have been totally denied a history of their own for so long. But we must all remember that according to experts, Africa is where the human species began. On present evidence, this is where the first humans walked on earth. How come the first habitat of the human species, is now the last place to be properly understood? The inability to answer this question conclusively, and proffer a solution to the problem, will extract from us a bitter price, which we are already paying.

Albert Afeso Akanbi is a writer and filmmaker. He writes from Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.

(Writer, Filmmaker & Humanitarian)
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