I bought a run down piece of furniture and pimped it up

A DIY fan has revealed how she totally transformed a run down table into something that could be designer.

The makeover, which involved DIY tiling and adding a new lick of paint, was easy to do and cost just £5

A DIY lover changed a table from boring to designer lookingCredit: Tik Tok
She couldn’t have been happier with the resultsCredit: Tik Tok

And the Aussie lady called Katie was thrilled with the final results, claiming anyone who wasn’t “over the tiled furniture trend” should give it a go.

Showing how she did it and the steps involved, Katie shared the before and after footage on her TikTok account @manarahome

In a post titled ‘DIY tiled table’, she explained she’d spotted a table and made it over for just £5.

However, the bland piece of furniture was in need of some work, so Katie decided to get inventive and pimp it up. 

First Katie, who is based in Melbourne, bought some sheet tiles for around £3.50 from a local store.

But they’re also available online in places like Amazon and are easy to apply.

Katie explained: “Cut the sheet tiles to size – you can get these from Bunnings for $7.”

She then fixed them to the table, using a pre-mixed tile adhesive tub for ease.

The interior fan continued: “Add tiles, press down to stick in place.”

Once the top of the table was covered in the simple black and white tile design, she then shared how she had brightened it up.

Katie used coloured grout and chose a sage green shade for her home.

She added: “Grout time. Tip – use fabric dye for colourful grout.” 

Once the tiles had been filled in with the green-coloured grout, and Katie had checked it was fully covered, it was time for one more step.

She explained: “Wipe down with a sponge and warm water.”

This then left her with a fully tiled table with a funky green twist, and she said the makeover couldn’t be better as she quipped that she then had time to “admire” her work. 

After she shared the transformation, Katie was inundated with comments from fellow DIY lovers and social media users.

One wrote: “Um, I’m going to make this my new coffee table.”

A second said: “Omg, love it!”

While a third added: “I like this! The sage green or baby pink grout would be cute.”

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She shared exactly how she’d done itCredit: Tik Tok
The method included tiling and coloured groutingCredit: Tik Tok
And the final result was a big hit on social mediaCredit: Tik Tok

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