You can recognize a person by the shoes they are wearing, a popular saying goes. Choosing a good pair of shoes is one of the most time-consuming personal activities. Men’s Chelsea Boots are more than just shoes, as they have a history of over 200 years. They are part of the English style for men.

Characterized by their versatility, comfort and grip, these qualities make these boots an essential part of a man’s wardrobe.. Without further ado, discover the Chelsea boots, created especially for people who, like you, want to live with personality.

The story of a boot called Chelsea

The origin of this wonderful shoe has its roots in English royalty. Chelsea boots date back to 1837, when its creator, J. Sparkes-Hall, the shoemaker to the Court of Queen Victoria of England, originally thought of the comfort and beauty that Her Majesty should wear when riding.

As expected, success is at the rendezvous. Queen Victoria wore them almost daily. It was a source of pride for the court shoemaker, so much so that he patented the design of the shoe. Until the early 1900s, London and European aristocrats wore this type of shoe. It was the pinnacle of fashion and glamor throughout Europe.

These boots feature innovative designs and materials: no braids and elastic side bands. Vulcanized rubber, invented by Charles Goodyear, allowed shoes to be more flexible when walking and suitable for modern times.

The famous Chelsea boots of British rock stars

In the 60s, these boots are back in the fashion world thanks to John Lennon and Paul McCartney. In 1961 the Beatles bought this shoe, but they asked for it to be personalized and the heel was changed. The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan have also made it their favorites.

In the 60s, urban fashion began to explode, Chelsea boots were the most sought after, as they were easy to wear and suited to all street or casual styles.. They are so famous that they are part of military bodies such as the US Navy and Hollywood movies on the big screen.

Chelsea boots
From classic design to minimalist style

These legendary boots with an English design have not stopped evolving since their creation. Since their creation, they have kept the two characteristics that make them unmistakable: no braids and elastic sides. However, the shoe has undergone changes in the following areas:

  • Type of material: in terms of shoe fashion, chelsea boots are made of different types of leather: leather and semi-leather or suede and with seams, that is to say with visible or hidden seams.
  • Casual or elegant styles: we can also find heel height variations: high heels, ideal for formal meetings, or low heels for the inimitable casual style. In its variants: amphibious or with platform. Chelsea models can have round or square heels. The choice will depend on the occasion.
  • Variety of colors: the palette of shades is endless, you can find them in black, gray, brown, beige, white and burgundy.
  • Contemporary styling: moreover, the combination of the elastic bands and the color of the boots creates unique, contemporary, youthful and fun styles. Thus, there are models of black Chelsea boots with yellow elastics “rock version” or with red or acid green elastics “Amsterdam version”.

Chelsea boots adapt to the minimalist and comfortable lifestyle. They are designed in such a way that they are devoid of unnecessary accessories and use only the materials that are essential and of the best quality. Good leather, great colors and a comfortable design that makes them quick to put on and easy to take off.

Beatles or Chelsea boots are the perfect outfits for today’s man.

These boots have endless combinations. Virtually the entire closet lends itself to multiple mixes with different garments. Shoes, well combined with clothes, can make your style look great.

  1. Elegant styling: This outfit is ideal for times when a very important work activity needs to be done, such as business meetings, conferences, etc. Formal cut pants with non-lightweight fabric. The shirt should be accompanied by a classic blazer. With this outfit, the Chelsea boot should be black or dark brown leather or suede. In this style there is the option of the tie, you can wear it or leave it. A refined and chic style in the image of actor Rami Malek.
  2. Casual style: for your daily life or for a meeting with friends. Light-colored jeans and white flannel or a light-colored shirt will be combined with an amphibious Chelsea. Alternatively, a pair of round-toed, brown suede Beatles will complete your Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp style.
  3. rock style: nothing better than the “Rolling Stone” to make this outfit shine. All in black. Black jeans, black flannel and compulsory leather jacket of the same style. Anything black will be paired with a black leather Chelsea or a brown suede Chelsea. But, if you prefer the rebel style, the Chelsea should have elastic bands in yellow or acid green. With this outfit you will be like Keanu Reeves.
  4. Smart Styling: it is an open style. A loose t-shirt in a light color, preferably with shades of blue, blue denim shorts with ripped edges, a black leather belt and the classic Chelsea in dark brown leather with a thin rubber sole. The heel should be low. The accessories are reduced to a sports watch and magnificent sunglasses.
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